August 2, 2023

Our brand: The Vivici look and feel

Our brand: The Vivici look and feel

Small changes, big impact: our brand seamlessly aligns with our mission. Today, we proudly unveil our new website and branding. 

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The core of Vivici

Vivici. Vivere. Latin for “live, to be alive”. 

The name Vivici, derived from the Latin word “vivere”, meaning to “live, to be alive”, encapsulates our mission to meet the world's growing demand for sustainable and nutritious protein. Our brand and website, developed in partnership with The Branx, the leading branding agency for startups, defines our identity and sets us on our way to achieve our mission.

Small changes, big impact

“Small changes, big impact” serves as the guiding principle behind our branding and is inspired by the butterfly effect, meaning that seemingly small decisions or actions can truly have a significant effect. We use this concept as a powerful statement throughout our website and it is also clearly visible in the isotype of our logo: the overlapping elements in harmonious pastel colors symbolize both a "V" and a butterfly, representing the combination of nature (depicted by a leaf) and precision fermentation.


An encyclopedia

Through our branding we create a relationship between nature and science —this is reflected in each element of our visual identity.

Our brand colors are inspired by legumes, cereals, and nuts, resulting in a pastel color palette with greenish and earthy tones. Our illustrational style encompasses a combination of custom-made illustrations and photography of food, communicating our industry expertise in an approachable way. Clarifying concepts that cannot be explained through photography alone, the illustrations help us visualise our precision fermentation process and create an encyclopedia of precision fermentation.

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