Creating superior dairy proteins through precision fermentation

Our global food system must radically transform to meet the world's growing need for protein in a sustainable and resilient way.
Our mission is to make the promise of dairy protein from precision fermentation a commercial reality to meet the world’s growing need for nutritious, functional and sustainably-produced proteins.
the new way of producing protein

Unlocking the power of precision fermentation

Precision fermentation

Fermentation is a natural process involving microorganisms that has been used for thousands of years to make delicious foods like yoghurt and bread or fermented beverages.

In Vivici, we combine the natural process of fermentation with advances in biotechnology to teach the microorganisms to produce dairy proteins.

Fermentation process

Making precision fermentation a reality

Deep industry expertise

Vivici, founded by DSM and Fonterra, leverages decades of experience in developing and scaling bioprocesses and holds world-leading knowledge in the isolation and application of dairy proteins.

Bioprocess engineering and market access

We know what it takes: we have world-class expertise in strain development, bioprocess engineering and market approval.

Great ingredients, delicious food

We know having a great ingredient is not enough, we help customers create great tasting consumer products.

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