August 7, 2023

Vivici joins the Precision Fermentation Alliance

Vivici joins the Precision Fermentation Alliance

Deflt, Netherlands – 7th August 2023 - Vivici is thrilled to become amember of the Precision Fermentation Alliance (PFA), joining forces with other innovators to champion precision fermentation as a trusted solution for a more resilient and sustainable future food system.

The Precision Fermentation Alliance has been formed by a collection of companies who believe in the profound, meaningful impact of precision fermentation technology. The goal of the industry organisation is to accelerate the understanding of this technology, and advocate for its use to create a positive impact on our food system and planet.

Collaboration is required to promote understanding of precision fermentation and provide transparency, to establish best practice across the value chain, and support the development of market access.

Stephan our CEO commented,

“We’re thrilled to join the Precision Fermentation Alliance alongside other leading companies in the field. We are contributing to a more sustainable future food system while building an entirely new category. It’s a big ambition and working together in this alliance will help us get there.”

The members part of the collective include; Change Foods, Every, Helaina, Imagindairy, Motif, New Culture, Onego Bio, Perfect Day, Remilk, Standing Ovation and Tomorrow Farms.

Vivici is passionate about its involvement in the Precision Fermentation Alliance and the contribution Vivici can make in elevating the precision fermentation industry, driving for a more resilient and sustainable food system.

For more information, please visit PFA's website.

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