June 12, 2024

Reflections from Bridge2Food Europe: Insights from the Vivici Team

Reflections from Bridge2Food Europe: Insights from the Vivici Team

Last week, several members of the Vivici team attended Bridge2Food Europe.

Read some of our experts' opinions on the event:

Remco Kornet
Remco Kornet, Senior Research Scientist

"At Bridge2Food, it was clear that significant advancements have been made in the field of plant proteins over the past few years. Technologies like 3D printing and machine learning are being deployed to achieve better taste and texture. However, certain challenges with plant proteins persist, such as flavor and dairy-mimicking techno-functionality. I'm looking forward to witnessing the continuous expansion of the product developer's toolbox with more novel sustainable proteins like single-cell proteins and those derived from molecular farming and precision fermentation."

Madison Clarke, Business Development Manager

"This year, the conversation atBridge2Food highlighted the need to engage more creatively and emotionally with consumers to gain mainstream traction. Sustainably-produced protein is critical to stopping our planet from burning, but we will never achieve this without consumers engaging with the right brands and food products daily. Oatly commented that they followed the rules for 20 years as a ‘traditional food manufacturer’ but flipped the narrative to become a lifestyle brand (think Nike). Look at their reach now. References to the electric car industry were frequent, such as 'Teslas are sexy.' We should always challenge the status quo, engaging consumers through strong brands and great products to deliver on our mission to fix the food system."

Linda Kuijpers, Food Technologist

"We are only at the beginning of the beginning, so how can we help each other to grow the alternative protein market?" – We are just starting to scratch the surface of this markets potential, substantial progress is being made, however by leveraging each other's strengths we can elevate products to new heights. Looking at the next shift, fermentation is emerging as a powerful force, offering solutions from reducing off-flavours and creating new taste profiles to utilizing waste streams as biomass to create the next generation of protein. Beyond traditional fermentation, we saw a glance of future technologies such as cultivated meat and fat, molecular farming, and of course precision fermentation. These make me excited of what the future has to bring! To sum up bridge2food: making the products of today better and inspiring people of what is yet to come"

Why Vivici Joined Bridge2Food Europe:

At Vivici, our mission is to make the promise of dairy protein from precision fermentation a commercial reality to meet the world’s growing need for nutritious, functional and sustainably-produced proteins. Attending Bridge2Food Europe was a strategic opportunity for us to connect with other innovators in the alternative protein space, exchange cutting-edge ideas, and stay at the forefront of industry trends. Engaging with thought leaders and experts helps us refine our approach and accelerate our mission to create superior, sustainable protein solutions.

Bridge2Food Europe provided valuable insights and inspiration for our ongoing efforts to innovate in the field of sustainable proteins. The event underscored the importance of both technological advancements and effective consumer engagement in driving the future of food. We look forward to applying these learnings as we continue to develop superior dairy proteins through precision fermentation.

About Bridge2Food

Bridge2Food unites the world's foremost and most innovative alternative protein creators. Their mission is to achieve global food sustainability for future generations without compromising the quality of the food experience.


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